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Lose Weight Easily with Hypnotherapy

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Hypnotherapy is a completely different approach to losing weight. With Hypnotherapy you can eat whatever you want and control your weight….but what you want to eat will change!

I will visit you in your home and we will talk about what are the issues with your weight and in particular what you are eating.

Based upon what we find out I will then give you a session of Hypnotherapy (see my page Hypnotherapy explained).  After the session you wont feel a whole lot different, but gradually over the coming days you will find that your tastes start to change. You will start to prefer the taste of healthy slimming foods and gradually and safely you will begin to lose weight.

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After the session I will provide you with a CD, this is a session and will mean that you do not need any further sessions.

If you would like further information or to book an appointment call:

Landline 0191 4408649       Mobile 07596 673319

The Hypnotherapy is offered in your own home my hourly rate is £70:00 per hour there is no extra charge for home visits within 5 mile of Newcastle City Centre and a sliding scale thereafter:

Distance from Newcastle City Centre (for the purposes of calculation Newcastle Central Station)

Distance                                               extra charge                                       Total cost

Under 5 miles                                    nil                                                           £70:00

5 – 9 miles                                           £5:00                                                     £75:00

10 -19 miles                                        £10:00                                                   £80:00

20 – 30 miles                                      £20:00                                                   £90:00

I now offer all my therapies via Skype at a cost of £49.99

All therapies now available as CD or MP & Download for the amazing price of £24.95 click here for details.

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