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Affordable Hypnotherapy

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Affordable Hypnotherapy for all

It has always been my belief that affordable Hypnotherapy to everyone.  My policy, always, to resist the current trend of persuading  clients that they will need more than one session. It is my professional opinion that almost all issues can be treat with only one session of hypnosis.  To imply that more than one is needed is in my opinion dishonest. In order to make Hypnotherapy affordable to all I offer a range of services at different prices

Hypnotherapy CD
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Personal sessions by Skype in your own home.
Personal sessions by Skype in your own home click here for details
Affordable Hypnotherapy
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The Hypnotherapy is offered in your own home my hourly rate is £70:00 per hour there is no extra charge for home visits within 5 mile of Newcastle City Centre and a sliding scale thereafter:

Distance from Newcastle City Centre (for the purposes of calculation Newcastle Central Station)

Distance                                                   extra charge                                       Total cost

Under 5 miles                                               nil                                                      £70:00

5 – 9 miles                                                £5:00                                                    £75:00

10 -19 miles                                              £10:00                                                  £80:00

20 – 30 miles                                          £20:00                                                   £90:00

Tel             Landline 0191 4408649            or              Mobile 07596 673319


I also offer all my therapies by Skype nationally and internationally. The cost for Skype Hypnotherapy is £49.99

All therapies now available as CD or MP & Download for the amazing price of £24.95 click here for details.

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