Asthma relief Hypnotherapy

Asthma Relief Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for Asthma
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Research from leading charity Asthma UK has revealed the over 50 per cent of GPs believe adult deaths from asthma could be reduced if better care was available, and 63 per cent of GPs also believe that emergency hospital admissions could be reduced with improvements to care. A growing number believe in Asthma relief Hypnotherapy.

Asthma organisations and charities are more keen than ever to improve the lives of the 5.4 million people in the UK who are currently receiving treatment for asthma, and hope that by spreading awareness they can reduce the number of preventable asthma related deaths (currently 90 per cent of asthma deaths could be prevented).

Breathe Easy with Hypnotherapy

Asthma has strong links with anxiety, with many sufferers reporting anxiety as a trigger for their attacks and other sufferers citing asthma as the cause of their anxiety. Either way they are strongly interlinked and this is why hypnotherapy could be an effective method for helping individuals to cope with their condition.

Hypnotherapy has long since been used as a treatment for anxiety, helping many individuals to break the cycle of subconsciously using negative coping mechanisms as a response to anxiety.

The process involves inducing a deeply relaxed state in the client before using a combination of techniques to retrain the brain and its subconscious reactions to certain stimuli. The idea is that these negative responses such as having an asthma attack after seeing something which causes anxiety will now be altered so that the response will be something positive.

The Hypnotherapy is offered in your own home my hourly rate is £70:00 per hour there is no extra charge for home visits within 5 mile of Newcastle City Centre and a sliding scale thereafter:

Distance from Newcastle City Centre (for the purposes of calculation Newcastle Central Station)

Distance                                               extra charge                                       Total cost

Under 5 miles                                    nil                                                           £70:00

5 – 9 miles                                           £5:00                                                     £75:00

10 -19 miles                                        £10:00                                                   £80:00

20 – 30 miles                                      £20:00                                                   £90:00

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