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How much money do you burn each week on smoking?

Burning Money

I can help you quit easily, for as little as the cost of an average weeks smoking.

I can help you to quit smoking easily, I currently have a record of 95% success. How can I make such a claim, well the clue is in my opening line, I can help you quit, can I make you stop no! Quite often I am asked ‘can you stop me smoking?’ My answer is always No, you are an adult if you want to smoke then you will. However if you want to stop then I can make it so much easier for you to stop.


So now that you have decided that you want to quit, what will happen? I will come to your home and we will have a chat about you, your life in general and your smoking.  Then based upon what I find I will give you a session of Hypnotherapy (please read my page Hypnotherapy explained).

After the session you can smoke if you want to, but if you decide not to then you are going to be surprised just how easy it will be. There will be some withdrawals but I will teach you how to deal with them quickly and efficiently.

Before I leave I will leave you a CD, this is a further session and cuts out the need for any further treatments.

So if you have now decided that YOU WANT to quit smoking call me on:

Land line 0191 440  8649     Mobile 07596 673319

The Hypnotherapy is offered in your own home my hourly rate is £70:00 per hour there is no extra charge for home visits within 5 mile of Newcastle City Centre and a sliding scale thereafter:

Distance from Newcastle City Centre (for the purposes of calculation Newcastle Central Station)

Distance                                               extra charge                                       Total cost

Under 5 miles                                    nil                                                           £70:00

5 – 9 miles                                           £5:00                                                     £75:00

10 -19 miles                                        £10:00                                                   £80:00

20 – 30 miles                                      £20:00                                                   £90:00

I offer all my therapies via Skype at the low cost of £49.99

All therapies now available as CD or MP & Download for the amazing price of £24.95 click here for details.

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