Habits are “learned,” and hypnotherapy can help free you of undesired habits… for a new and habit free life.

Hypnotherapy - Nail Bitting
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Habits are learned behaviors. No one was born with a cigarette in their mouth, biting their nails, a fear of speaking or performing before others. Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective way to access your mind-body brain to unlearn these old and annoying habits and replace them with new learning within your brain. We offer an affordable home visiting service of Hypnotherapy easily breaking habits.

Advances in neuroimaging with PET scans, functional MRIs  and EEG studies have shown that even though we use imagination, hypnotic suggestions, visualization, and ‘pretending’ to offer messages within brain, the results not imaginary; they are real.

Hypnotherapy can also help remove and change habits by uncovering the emotional life events that created the habits as well as the emotional reasons that have maintained the habit.  And anything that can be learned can be unlearned by learning something else to replace it. For example…

Do you know the power of mental rehearsal? Mental rehearsal works; there is no doubt about it. And combined with your hypnptherapy, you are using your mind like a magnifying glass to focus and concentrate the learning within brain that is based on what you are focusing on in imagination.

Whether it is for removing habits, achieving weight loss, improving skills for playing sports, music, or enhancing any skill that helps you achieve your desires for improvement, we know that using the power of your mind with hypnotherapy works.


Don’t waste your money on nicotine gum or patches. The withdrawal from nicotine is about 24 – 48 hours. So, 2-3 days after your last cigarette, the nicotine is gone from your body… but the psychological addiction is still present. Using nicotine gum or patches only prolongs the quitting process. The hypnotherapy will get you through the first week, and you will be surprised how easy the process is for you to add more and more weeks of being a ex-smoker.

Hypnotherapy is safe, affordable, and uses abilities and talents within you that you have not discovered yet. One of the greatest features of using hypnotherapy to remove habits and create new healthy habits is that YOU must take all the credit for what you achieve with your hypnotherapy.

So no matter what your habit is, Smoking, Nail Biting, Alcohol, Chocolate, Alcohol or any one of an endless list, then I can help you with Hypnotherapy.

I also offer all my therapies by Skype nationally and internationally. The cost for Skype Hypnotherapy is £49.99

All therapies now available as CD or MP & Download for the amazing price of £24.95 click here for details.

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